(Tiếng Việt) Giải pháp nào cho ngành xử lí nước thải

    The phenomenon of environmental pollution by waste water, waste gas and solid waste in many urban areas, industrial zones and craft villages is becoming more and more alarming, especially the treatment of water. Discharged into the water environment is increasingly seriously polluted.

    Inventor Truong Van Dan (middle) has succeeded in producing the best environmental treatment technology in Vietnam

    According to a survey by the National Environment Monitoring Center – Vietnam Environment Administration (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment), the current status of the surface water environment in many places is seriously polluted. The vast majority of municipal wastewater is not treated and discharged directly into canals and flows directly into the river. In addition, a large amount of industrial waste water, craft villages is also a major pressure on the water environment.

    In many industrial parks and high-rise buildings, wastewater treatment systems have not been properly invested and many enterprises discharge directly untreated or treated wastewater. Direct exposure to the environment, causing serious pollution.

    The level of water pollution is increasing due to uncontrolled sources of pollution. This situation has a great impact on the health of people, increases the risk of cancer, miscarriage and birth defects.

    According to a new study, in cases of cancer, gynecological diseases in women in many localities found that 40-50% of the cases were due to the use of polluted water. Research results show that the water quality is polluted to the alarming level due to nutrient content, organic matter and suspended solids such as Cau, Thi Vai, Nhue – Day, Dong Nai. …

    To overcome the phenomenon of pollution caused by the current waste water Vietnam has many studies. However, only one solution is applied effectively. This innovation was developed by inventor Truong Van Dan and his research results have been introduced and recognized as one of the best environmental treatment technologies in Vietnam today. Johkasou is a waste water and water treatment system that meets advanced standards that meet the most stringent environmental protection requirements of developed countries. Johkasou’s equipment consists of a shell made of Dicyclopentadiene – Polymer or Coposite resin combined with chemical fiber, a pump and five air purifiers, two bioreactors and microbes. The system is designed lightweight, optimized to provide simplicity in installation and use without the need to build septic tanks.

    The Johkasou system can be applied step by step to replace the existing septic tanks in our country, first of all in high-rise apartments, hotels, eco-resorts and villas to protect the durability. Ensure the natural environment in the area and the whole community.

    Mr. Truong Van Dan said: The process of researching, receiving and transferring wastewater treatment technology, improving and developing microbiological technology solutions suitable to the environment of Vietnam. The product has been adapted to the flood or tidal flood, suitable for high buildings, hospitals.



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