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(Tiếng Việt) Sự quan trọng của nước thải trong phát triển của doanh nghiệp

    Wastewater treatment – Environmental cleanup has been going on ever more intensively, the construction of factories and the industrial wastewater treatment system in the past is the evidence. most exist for reality. However, waste water treatment and the environment remain a matter of concern today. The phenomenon of environmental pollution by waste water, waste gas and solid waste in many urban areas, industrial zones and craft villages is becoming more and more alarming, especially the treatment of water. Discharged into the water environment is increasingly seriously polluted.

    In the early days of 2015, there have been many new incidents of environmental breaches discovered, typical of the problem of wastewater treatment for enterprises outside Hao Duong, recently. On 12/1/2015, Mr. Luong Van Ngu – Deputy Director of Lam Dong Natural Resources and Environment Department, said that the Department is completing procedures to request the provincial People’s Committee issued the decision on sanctioning administrative violations of joint stock company Dalat beef (Dalatbeco) because this unit has caused environmental pollution in production. According to Mr. Ngu, on 12/1, the Department also published information on the results of water analysis at Da Chien Lake (Ward 11, Dalat), behind the right next to the brewery of Dalatbeco. Accordingly, in the first week of December 2014, the authorities of Lam Dong Province has conducted unexpected inspection of the waste water treatment of the plant, recording the unusual fish habitat on the lake and at the same time Take water samples in the tank for analysis. Results showed that 5 out of 11 parameters of environmental pollution of this water sample exceeded the permitted level. As reported on the company, up to now the results of water analysis in the wastewater treatment system have been reported violations have been formally established

Dalatbeco brewery waste water treatment system

Finally, information about 5 hospitals Five hospitals in Can Tho were fined. It is time for enterprises to set environmental criteria in an important position to help their units avoid the mistakes and factors that affect the development of their companies.

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