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High pollution is the expression of activity in industrial zones in our country

    According to the latest data and environment information in October, the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment said that as of October 2014, there were 209 industrial zones in operation nationwide. over 47,300 hectares. The average value of industrial production per hectare of land has been rented at around USD 1.6 million / ha / year. However, along with the process of economic development, the system of industrial zones in our country is also posing great challenges in pollution caused by solid waste, waste water containing many toxic chemicals and industrial emissions. , seriously affecting the living environment of people in many localities. Some units have built and installed industrial waste water treatment system or connection to industrial wastewater treatment system, but the efficiency is not high. Others choose a lighter solution than a waste discharge and have suffered the consequences of “suspended operation units discharge wastewater treatment system to the environment” hundreds of millions, even billions

Causes of imbalance in industrial wastewater treatment

    At the seminar “Germany – Vietnam on industrial wastewater management” organized by Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (20/10), in Hanoi, Deputy Minister Bui Cach Tuyen said that environmental pollution ( especially water sources) in the industrial zones is due to the inadequate planning of industrial zones in Vietnam, as well as the lack of resources needed to meet the development needs. In addition, in the process of operation, many industrial parks have changed the plan of industry compared with the decision approving the investment, the design of the central wastewater treatment system initially does not meet the practical requirements. .

    Another concern is that “the awareness of some leaders, authorities at all levels and community in environmental protection is not high. This is also the reason why some businesses refuse to try to break the law, “

    According to statistics, around 80% of the industrial parks in Vietnam have concentrated wastewater treatment systems, 20% of the remaining industrial parks are not or are investing in building the system. These include industrial parks which have filled up to 70% -100% of their water treatment capacity.

    In order to solve the problem of waste water from industrial zones, Vice Minister Bui Cach Tuyen said that the important solution is to improve the technology of production and waste water treatment in industrial zones. , industrial clusters in the advanced direction, suitable with local conditions.

                               Solution on industrial wastewater

     Gunther Adler affirmed that in order to solve the problem of water pollution in industrial parks, Vietnam’s environmental watchdog should be responsible for the development of technology and experience in waste water management in Germany. Efforts have been made to monitor, monitor and improve wastewater treatment technologies at industrial clusters.

    Through the workshop, Gunther Adler said that Germany wishes to have a long-term cooperation with Vietnam so that the two countries can share their experiences on solving water pollution. However, this cooperation is not limited to governmental and state agencies, but also needs to work with businesses to find ways to treat waste water in line with international standards. ” says Gunther Adler.




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